How to Follow Up After an Interview

Posted 17 July 2017

Many people leave the interview and do nothing until they hear the outcome but it is perfectly acceptable (if not actively encouraged) to follow up after your interview. If you have been invited for an interview it means that you are a strong contender for the position and so it is important to make the effort to contact the recruitment team after meeting them. 

At Cranmore, we have been actively recruiting for companies in sectors such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, data and research, industrial and energy, as well as Technology, telecoms and media for many years. It is always polite to follow up after an interview but you do not want to be pushy so here is our advice to create the perfect follow up:


At the end of your interview, and if they haven’t told you already, it is important to ask what the next steps are and when you will find out their decision. They may not be deciding for a few days, or have more interviews to carry out the next week so it is worth asking them what the time frame is. The next step might be second interviews or another process, so ask them what to expect. Once you have this information you can accurately plan your follow up communication.


The first thing you should do after your interview is to send a thank you note. This can be an email or letter, but it must be done within 24 hours after the meeting for maximum effect. Send this to whoever your initial contact was if they were present at the interview, or if you can find out the other details of those who were on the panel this is even better. Make sure you get the spelling of everyone’s names right as this can cause you to lose points rather than gain them. In your note, you should say it was nice to meet everyone and thank the panel for their time. You should also use this opportunity to remind them why you are the best candidate so that they remember you among the sea of other strong interviewees. The note should be brief, friendly and polite. You can also add in anything you forgot to mention in the interview or want to reiterate. Make sure you proofread your message as spelling or grammatical mistakes may put you out of the running.


It is easier to send an email, but a phone call will show that you are genuinely interested in the position. If you haven’t heard from the panel for a while, do not just assume that you have not got the job. The recruitment process can be a lengthy one and involves various people’s schedules and reviewing all of the information they have received from what could be many candidates. Making a phone call to your contact is a perfectly acceptable way to see what is happening and if done right will not seem pushy or desperate. A phone call may also be more desirable for the recruiter as they may receive many emails daily.  When you get speaking to them, keep it short but remind them who you are, what position you had applied for and simply ask if they have come to a decision yet as you are very interested in the role and would be happy to provide more information if needed. The point is to not sound accusatory by reminding them that they said you would hear from them on Monday but it is now Wednesday, but politely ask them for an update.


If it has been a couple of weeks since the interview and you have still not heard anything, or you didn’t get the job you do not have to leave it there. Check in with your contact periodically as it will keep you on their radar, and show that you are interested in the company. If you find a noteworthy article or piece of information that you think they might be interested in, then email it over with a few lines saying that you thought this would be worthwhile reading after what you spoke about in your meeting. If you do not get the job you could ask for some feedback, and you could still email once a month or so to send them information or congratulate the company or staff on any achievements. Be wary of coming across as annoying, but it is good to stay in their mind. Then when the next role comes up they may even notify you about it before you see it.


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