Using psychometric testing in the recruitment process

Posted 21 August 2017

It is natural to come out of an interview feeling like you didn’t come across as well as you hoped or that your nerves got the better of you. An interview is not always going to show how you will perform in the job you are applying for and so other recruitment process are developed to provide a fairer and more accurate analysis of the candidate. Psychometric testing is a process of measuring a range of skills such as verbal, numerical, reasoning and personality traits. It works to complement the recruitment process and provide a more holistic view of the candidate.

One of the key benefits of these tests is that the structure stays the same and so everyone goes through the same hiring process meaning all candidates are treated fairly and the tests examine their true skills and abilities. Although interviews have set questions, it can be common for the conversations to go off on a tangent and make it harder for the recruiters to summarise and ensure all points have been covered and recorded.

Having part of the recruitment process featuring psychometric testing, it creates an accurate and consistent way for examining the candidates and the results can be used as data for benchmarking. The candidates can be compared to one another, as well as accessing how the candidate compared to the recruiter’s expectations which helps when making an informed business decision. The tests show which candidates are the best fit for the business which can lead to higher staff retention which the right people are put in a job and team that suits them. Hiring the wrong candidate can prove extremely costly and be detrimental to the business, so finding the best candidate is very important. The tests help to reduce the possibility of a candidate being hired who performed well in the interview but not in the job itself.

An interview and a cv only provide a snapshot of the person whereas behavioural assessments can give a much clearer overview of which candidates will thrive in the company. Behavioural assessments also help to improve the credibility of the recruitment process and show that the candidate is valued. These tests can also provide insight into the person’s strengths and development areas and allows for different types of people to be higher, rather than employing carbon copies of everyone else. This diversity can improve team performance and working relationships.

Online assessment systems also work to speed up the recruitment process greatly and provides a method of pre-screening candidates This means that the right person can be found in a much shorter time.

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